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Condensing the heart, creating the future -- the perfect end of the Yante group

In order to enhance the sense of teamwork, further strengthen the cohesion of the company and enrich the cultural life of employees. On May 25, 2024, YANTE organized employees to carry out a group construction training activity with the theme of "Gathering hearts and strength to create a better future" in Yuanxiang Town, Huzhou City

Unite people and build a team together

The first stage of the activity is the team building and development. At 9 o 'clock in the morning, all the people arrived at the site of the group - Huzhou original township town mountain Adventure Club, in the joy and laughter, opened the ice-breaking action of the group. Under the guidance of the coach, two teams were quickly formed, and under the leadership of their respective captains, they developed team names, determined slogans, rehearsed team shapes and team dances. Blue team research auspicious dragon team, slogan is: good luck, dragon line the world. The red team does not provoke the team, the slogan is: you come!



Then, the group building activities officially kicked off. The first game "beach landing" is hot. The rules of the competition are simple to understand, but they test the ability of teams to collaborate and react. All the players have tried their best, in the laughter, not only to narrow the distance between each other, but also to enhance the cohesion of the team.


The second game, "Fruit Lianliankan", was played intensively, testing the participants' memory, observation and teamwork skills.


The third game "power rope circle", the tug-of-war rope, head and tail, encircle into a ring, all the players with both hands to grab the rope, under the guidance of the extension of the force together, the people and rope formed a circle and rotate around.



In the challenging and interesting activities, the employees cooperated with each other, worked together to overcome difficulties, and worked together with patience and wisdom to complete all the competitions. In the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", consciously abide by the rules of the game, abide by the field discipline, learn from each other in the game, strengthen unity, with their own strength and team cooperation, the game out of the level and style.

Native town, mountain adventure paradise

The second stage of the activity is the original town tour. Super warm and very childlike small train, through the whole original scenic spot; The town's racetrack, open a "say to ride on the ride" smooth travel; Get on a kart and feel the speed of the wind; Through the mountain jungle, through the time tunnel, open the magical crystal rafting journey together; 5D special effect glass bridge, step by step shocking; Flying down the colorful slide, there are native grass skiing, archery, high-altitude net array and other projects so that we can closely witness the different charm of small partners!



The development of the group construction training not only enriched the spare time life of employees, but also made everyone realize the warmth and care of the company; And enhance the team cohesion, centripetal force and sense of belonging. In the future, we will work together, start again, devote ourselves to work with more passion, and make greater contributions to the development of enterprises!












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