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How to measure the friction and coefficient of friction of the film?

    The friction coefficient tester is used to measure the static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet, and can intuitively understand the smoothness and opening property of the film, and display the distribution of the slip agent through the curve. By measuring the slipperiness of the material, it is possible to control the production quality process indicators such as adjusting the opening property of the packaging bag and the packaging speed of the packaging machine to meet the requirements for product use.


Product Features

Ø The instrument uses ARM processor, 7-inch large screen color

touch display;

Ø Test data memory function, high speed thermal printer Printout, fully automatic test function;

Ø With test data statistical processing function, real-time display measurement test data and curves;

Ø Losed-loop servo motor drives precision ball screw, guaranteed position

accurate shifting, smooth running and low noise;

Ø Standard RS232 computer communication interface


Key Technical Parameters


² Power Supply       AC100-240V  50/60Hz 50W

² Working Environment     (10~35)℃, Humidity≤ 85%

² Force range                            0.05 - 5N

² Resolution                              0.001N

² Slider size                              63×63 mm

² Slider weight                           200g

² Test bench size                         200×455 mm

² Measurement accuracy                 ±0.5%

² Slider speed                            100±10mm/min

² Slider stroke                           Maximum 100mm (adjustable)

² Print               Built-in thermal printer

² Communication Interface         RS232

² Dimension         455(L)×330(W)×240(H)mm

² Net Weight           30Kg


Standard configuration:

Friction Coefficient Tester , 200g slider





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